The Fuhrberger Zimmerei

We are enthusiastic about Fachwerk houses.

The Fuhrberger Zimmerei was founded in 1994. Since 1995 we focus entirely on the construction and development of Fachwerk houses. We dedicate love and care to these fabulous homes.

We respect wood as a living, growing substance with outstanding building properties. Working with wood is the challenge that keeps us motivated. Our focus is on traditional craftsmanship. The knowledge of our predecessors – the masterful combination of building materials, nature and the landscape – is of primary importance to us.

We are proud that every single family we’ve built for has gone on to happily live out their dreams of country life in a Fachwerk house. During the construction we are in close contact with the homeowners. We are very pleased that even years later “our families” call in with appreciation and the latest news.

We love what we do and are recognized as the specialists of our trade. Our cooperation with you is based on reliability, punctuality and quality.

Preservation of old traditions in a new style

We are masters of this traditional construction method, but at the same time we are always open to new technologies and innovations. We combine the traditional architecture of the old masters with the latest innovations of the construction industry – that’s what makes our homes so distinctive!

The old way of building is leading us to new solutions in modern times. Our buildings are crafted from fine native woods and finished to perfection with love and attention in every detail. Each component bears the mark of the carpenter who created it. The result is a signature building made to your liking.

We developed the Fuhrberger Fachwerk House - it is always an original.

All of our Fachwerk houses are one of a kind.

Our company is solely engaged in the construction of Fachwerk houses. The lines of communication are short and effective and we all pull together - this is the base of our success. Our collaboration involves ongoing and spontaneous exchange with our clients. Close communication allows us to quickly react to new developments and directly implement special ideas and individual desires. Each employee at the Fuhrberger Zimmerei regards the construction of a new Fachwerk house as a joint project between us and the homeowner.

No matter if it’s going to be a farmstead, an accessory building or a whole Fachwerk village – we build as if we were building for ourselves.