Our team

Jointly planning a project is where the excitement of building starts. We are right next to you to develop your ideas into concrete plans and drawings. Here, we would like to introduce our staff who are building your Fachwerk house with passion for our trade. Our employees: as individual as the homes they build.


Horst Kuhlmann Frank Töllner Christian Zeymer Knut Kuchenbecker Kristoffer Engelke Dorothee Tohtz Silvia Sardag Claudia Andre-Knauer Anke Selent Maria Wiegand Nils Timrott Stefan Ervenich Hauke Stoewer Leon Kohl Heiko Kretzschmar Daniel Wagner Herbert Uphoff Michael Wolf Erich Lillie Tobias Borneck André Schmitz Jan Nothdurft Manfred Unger Falk-Tobias Hempe Walter Schirbel Winfried Otte-Lemke Fritz Töllner Odey Abdel Akhua Nikolas Karkossa Philipp Horst Tobias Falke Fabio Becht Christoph Winkelmann Max Riedel Miroslav Paciorek Jan-Niclas Tamms Armin Meyer Jonas Wilke Justin Genard Paul Lutzmann Lloyd Chrichton Eric Berger Fabian Eggert Jörn Grimsehl