Energy efficiency

The Fachwerk House – a centuries-old tradition of ecological building

The Fuhrberger Fachwerk house offers environmentally sound construction combined with cutting edge technology.
Ecological building materials from wood and earth offer a healthy living climate along with an excellent environmental footprint and optimal insulation.

Wood is one of the most important natural resourses. Wood regenerates. It is easy to recycle. As a building material it is not energy intensive. The oak we’re using is from Northern Germany. It’s a local product.

You’d like your home to be free of pollutants?

The use of high quality natural building materials and the self-protective design of the structure make the use of chemicals unnecessary.

Would you like to use renewable energy technology in your newly built Fachwerk house?

We will advise you on all questions about energy efficiency and find the ideal solution for your personal requirements.

Specific energy consumption data – take a look for yourself:

In 2012 a Fuhrberger Fachwerk house of 190qm living space with two inhabitants use as little as 50 Euros
in gas/hot water and 40 Euros in electricity per month with the comfort of a small wood burning stove.
(Actual prices of the “eOn” energy provider in Germany.)

These costs are calculated by this formula:

Heating approximately 40kWh/m² living space annually = 200m² x 40kWh = 8.000kWh/year
(equals approximately 800m³ gas) Hot water approximately 1.000kWh/year for one person and
600kWh/year for every additional person = 1.600KWh/year in our example.
We can advise you on how to achieve even greater efficiency through the use of renewable energy technologies.

  • Geothermal heat
  • Pellet stoves
  • Fireplaces and stoves
  • Air exchange concept