The Fuhrberger Fachwerk House

The Furberger Fachwerk House offers natural living and lasting value

The Fuhrberger Fachwerk House uses modern standards and environmental building ideals to create the cozy living space of a historical building style that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is a classic Fachwerk house with a self-carrying structure built from massive oak beams, crafted and finished without chemical wood preservatives.

High value natural materials and extraordinary craftsmanship create lasting value for you and your family. Just as the beauty of nature never loses its appeal, your house will increase in charm and comfort over the years.

Wood and earth – climate neutral and modern

For hundreds of years the Fachwerk house has been an eco-building by design – wood and earth are original natural materials.

Wood is a visual and palpable experience. Every piece is unique, distinct in color and structure. In its natural beauty wood is a sensuous living material. It creates a healthy atmosphere in a completely natural way. Whether summer or winter, the indoor climate in a wood-crafted house is always pleasant -- wood takes moisture from the air and releases it when the air in the living space becomes too dry. Life in a Fachwerk house is healthy and just feels good – like the smell of fresh wood.

Turn-key or to be finished by owner

The occupant ready version of the traditionally crafted Fuhrberger Fachwerk house starts at 1,850 Euro/qm.
The raw structure, without finished interior, starts at 1,250 Euro/qm.

We are glad to offer you a personal consultation at any time.
Your Fuhrberger Fachwerk House team.

Ein Fuhrberger Fachwerkhaus