House plan

Step by step to the joy of Fachwerk

The first important decision has been made: you would like to build a Fachwerk House. Close team work between planners, builders and you is now critical. Since you are building a Fuhrberger Fachwerk House, this is ensured from the beginning. Architects, engineers, technicians and carpenters work hand in hand and are always in close contact with you. This seamless communication ensures an optimal result and keeps building costs down.
The team is available to you at all times during the building project.

Next steps

“What is the next step?”

This is the process:

First, you get a free, detailed and non-binding consultation in which we learn about your requirements and wishes and you can ask us all your questions. Your ideas are combined with our experience and know-how into a preliminary design proposal for your Fachwerk House.

If the proposal meets your wishes, you can expect an extensive work description with a fixed cost calculation for your dream house. Next the application for the building permit will be made with waste water planning, calculations for the structural integrity and proof of the energy efficiency. This data is also used for a visualization of the actual blue prints with our 3D-CAD system. A core technology of our company, it helps us to create measurements and drawings and is linked to our modern CNC processing station. We also use the 3D-CAD system to generate a detailed, photorealistic view of your house.

Transparency in the complete building project – guaranteed

“When does building start?“

Concrete planning guarantees an exact timetable for the project.
Right on schedule the “Richtkranz,” a traditional celebration wreath, decorates the imposing new building.
Let’s have a party! (It’s required by tradition.) Soon, the roof is closed and the chambers are filled in with bricks.
Your new Fachwerk House is protected from the weather and the structural elements are complete. The interior
work can now be done. Then it’s: “Welcome to your new home!”