Quality guarantee

The Fuhrberger quality guarantee – Your choice for the right building partner

Finding the right building partner is one of your most important decisions!

  • You’re building your future home that you want to enjoy for a lifetime.
  • You’re looking for a building partner that guarantees the highest quality.
  • For this reason you compare the offers of several general contractors.

The Fuhrgerger Zimmerei welcomes your comparison!
We provide a quality checklist to help you make an objective comparison when looking for the right building partner.
Please compare the most important quality characteristics point by point to make the right decision.

Quality guarantee

We promise to fulfill all listed points with the greatest care and precision.
The Fuhrberger Zimmerei offers the best planning and highest standard in sustainability
and quality of the finished product. All of our efforts are tailored to meet your individual goals.

» Checklist of quality characteristics to download

Quality characteristics

  • References of at least 10 satisfied homeowners
  • Proof of long time experience in the craft of Fachwerk building
  • Proof of capability through documentation and a tour of the company facilities
  • Proof of the qualifications of the coworkers
  • Proof of continuous workforce development
  • Individual consultation with one of the executives
  • Transparency in all steps of planning, calculation, presentation and completion
  • Explanation of available subsidies
  • Creativity in the conceptual design
  • Detailed individual planning
  • Complete and understandable description of the proposed work
  • Fixed price agreement
  • A personal advisor throughout the entire building process
  • Support and counseling on aspects of the building project performed by the homeowner
  • DIN certified building materials
  • The wood used in the building process is free of preservatives
  • A Blower Door Test to prove the quality of insulation measures
  • Guaranteed quality though certified static calculations, certified insulation measures, etc.
  • Contact and assistance after completion of the project