All about the Fachwerk house

That certain something for your home

Have you always dreamed of having your own wine cellar?

Would you like to install a professionally landscaped garden at your home?

The Fuhrberger Zimmerei can help you realize these wishes.

Vaulted cellars

The Neuschwander GmbH can plan and construct any kind of vaulted basement for you.

The Fuhrberger Zimmerei partner produces and delivers pre-cast tiled arches. The possibilities for cast elements inside and outside the house are diverse.

You can use a vaulted cellar for fruit and vegetable storage, as a stylish wine cellar or for an earth bermed house.

There’s plenty of room for individualized planning – the width can range from 1,80 m to 10,00 m and the length is variable.

Raised beds

A raised bed made from sturdy wood beams offers many advantages. The ground temperature is 5 to 8 degrees warmer than in a ground level bed. This can lengthen the beds growing season by up to 6 weeks. In addition, a raised bed gets more light, the plants are closer to the light and can be planted closer together. The raised bed offers a table-high work area which allows for comfortable and back-friendly garden work.

Natural paving stones

Natural paving stones are the ideal building material for the landscaping design of your choice. Natural paving stones are durable and offer liveliness and variety. Made by nature – from granite and sandstone - their pure beauty improves with age.