Wood stoves and fireplaces

Sources of comfort and security

Since time immemorial man has been attracted to fire and families always meet at this hearth of the home.

Your fireplace or stove is sure to become a very special place for you and your loved ones, a place where the whole family gathers after an eventful day.
As a source of natural warmth and comfort fireplaces and stoves conjure a healthy living environment in modern Fachwerk houses.
You can choose from a variety of wood stoves and fireplaces that will meet your requirements.

Tiled stoves

Tiled stoves provide fast and effective warmth and, with their classic look, fit almost all lifestyles. The size, choice of color and type of tiles depend on the structural conditions and the wishes of the owners.

Brick fireplaces

The Fuhrberger Zimmerei is happy to create the brick fireplace of your dreams.

This type of fireplace allows for many aesthetics and individual solutions, the masonry fireplace can be customized to the architecture and interior design of your home.

Fireplace inserts

The fireplace insert is an attractive way of heating and it’s easy and save to use.

The visible fire behind the glass door is optically appealing and provides lots of comfort.