Standing on solid ground

Flooring is the base of your personal lifestyle.

Select custom flooring for your home according to your needs; warm and cozy with wood, resilient and strong in character with Cotto or classy and timeless with fine stoneware.


Cotto tiles are handcrafted clay tiles with character. Each piece is unique – creating impressive floors that transmit a remarkable vitality. Cotto tiles are made true to the traditional process and represent a real alternative to antique materials. This open-pored flooring is ideal for a healthy indoor climate. It holds its value – it is beautiful and indestructible. For further information please visit the webpage of Von der Thüsen GmbH.

Antique wooden flooring

Historical floor boards are available in their original condition after recovery or refurbished and ready to be installed. The selection includes oak or maple parquet and solid wood plank flooring made from spruce, fir, pine, douglas, fir and oak. Rare boards with an unusual patina and special measurements are available.

M. Blöcher offers a constantly updated selection of rare reusable wooden flooring materials. Current offers and further information can be found here.